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answer some questions

In your professional experience, have you ever worked with cultural and musical associations? What do you know about the reality of Pueri Cantores?

In order to understand all the possible issues with the organisation that you will have to deal with, could you explain what will be the problems of organizing the meals and the locations of the hotels, considering the special situation of having an international choral congress in a crowded city as Rome, during Christmas time?

What kind of proposals for food and accomodation will you present to the choirs? Why have you taken into account only these proposals?

How do you think to deal with the specific requests that the choirs could ask to your agency? How can the choirs contact you to ask an help with their needs?

What are the additional services that you are planning to offer to the single choirs on request? What is the correct procedure to have access to such services?

Will you take part as agency to some of the events of the congress? If yes, what will be your responsibilities during the unrolling of such events?